Company Overview

Pharm Techs Only! was created in the hopes of becoming the first website solely for pharmacy technicians world wide that offers information, tips, job opportunities, and a resume database for job seekers, as well as employers. With the role of the pharmacy technician greatly increasing in the workforce, it's about time that pharmacy technicians had a place to call home on the web.

The mission and ultimate goals of Pharm Techs Only! are clear:

* To be the best specialized resource and information-based website exclusively dedicated to pharmacy technicians and the companies that employ them.
* To easily and effectively connect qualified pharmacy techs with compatible employment opportunities.
* To allow qualified pharm technicians the opportunity post resumes to an interactive database open to potential employers.
* To provide pharmacy technicians with the most accurate and up-to-date tips and information available.

Pharm Techs Only! will constantly strive to be the one website you can always count on for all things pharmacy technician. Welcome Home Pharm Techs, Your Future Starts Here!