Interview Do’s and Don’ts

DO Arrive early; at least 10 minutes is preferable. Being late for an interview is NEVER excusable.
DO Make eye contact, extend a firm handshake, and greet your interviewer with respect and courtesy. You only have one chance to make a first impression.
DO Have a positive attitude. Potential employers find a high energy and confidence level very attractive. However, avoid being overly aggressive.
DO Emphasize your achievements and make sure that your positive attributes are expressed to the interviewer.
DO End the appointment by letting the interviewer know that you are extremely interested in the position, and would like to know the next step in the hiring process. There are some career experts that say that an interview should be ended by asking for the job.

DON’T Chew gum or smoke during the interview (even if the interviewer does).
DON’T Reveal anything negative about former employers or colleagues.
DON’T Lie about ANYTHING; Never falsify information on your resume, application, or interview questions.
DON’T Answer questions with just a “yes” or “no.” Give descriptions and explain yourself in detail whenever possible.
DON’T Ask about salary, bonuses, benefits, etc. until after you have received a job offer. Be prepared to discuss salary requirements, but try and wait to go into detail until an offer has been extended.

Before, During & After the Interview Tips

1. Skip that cup of Joe!
Coffee is a diuretic and will make your mouth feel like the Sahara desert. You cannot make a good impression if your mouth is dry and you can’t speak! Try an apple, water and some gum. (Don’t forget to spit the gum out BEFORE going into the interview)
2. Be that runway model you always wanted to be!
Before going to the interview, stick your chest out, shoulders back, your head up high and strut your stuff down your hallway, parking lot, wherever (just not in view of your potential employer). Good posture and pride in yourself can give you that extra boost of self-confidence you will need before going into your interview.
3. Beware of the “Secret Screener”!
Your interview starts the second you walk in the building. The first person you see may be the infamous “Secret Screener”. This person will report back to your actual interviewer with notes regarding how you interacted and/or answered his/her questions. Be nice to EVERYONE you encounter during the entire process, not just your interviewer.
4. Interview the Interviewer!
This interview is not just for the employer, it is for you as well… to learn more about the position, the company and if it will be a good fit for YOU! Jot down a few good questions you would like answered before going to the interview. Who knows, you might not even want this job after you find out more.
5. A Simple Thanks……
Once your interview is over, and usually within 24 hours, send your interviewer a thank you letter. Make it short and sweet by including; a thank you for their time, a re- iteration of your skills, why you would be a good fit within their company and how you look forward to hearing back from them.

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