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Choline and Other Supplementation: Health Benefits and Importance for Fetal Development

Expiration Date: 10-15-2020              2.5 Contact Hours


Hypoglycemia in the Elderly Patient with Diabetes - A Vulnerable Population Full of Complexities

Expiration Date: 11-25-2020              2 Contact Hours

A Quick Guide for Pharmacy Technicians to Complementary, Alternative, and Integrative Products in the Pharmacy

Expiration Date: 12-11-2020             1.5 Contact Hours






Optimizing the Pharmacist’s Role in the Management of Dry Eye Disease

Expiration 01-24-2021                       1 Contact Hour


New Drug Approvals for 2019

Expiration: 01-31-2021                      3 Contact Hours


Tailoring Medication Therapy Management for Minority Populations: A Focus on Latino Health

Expiration Date: 05-01-2021              1.5 Contact Hours


Protect your Patients' Health: How the Entire Pharmacy Team Becomes Vaccine Advocates

Expiration Date: 08-13-2021             1 Contact Hour


Augmenting Pain Therapy with Self-Massage

Expiration Date: 08-30-2021             2 Contact Hours


Product Quality Verification of Dietary Supplements

Expiration Date: 09-28-2021            1 Contact Hours


Perspectives Regarding the Use of Homeopathic Approaches for Managing Cough and Cold

Expiration Date: 09-30-2021            0.5 Contact Hours


Addressing Cold and Flu Symptoms With OTC Options: An Evaluation of Homeopathic Approaches

Expiration Date: 10-22-2021            2.5 Contact Hours         


Exploring the Role of Natural Treatments in Wound Healing: An Update on Calendula

Expiration Date: 11-15-2021            2 Contact Hours





Addressing Risks Associated with IV Push Medication Use in Adults

Expiration Date: 02-15-2022          1.5 Contact Hours

Bipolar Disorder: Using Drugs We are More Comfortable With

Expiration Date: 08-21-2022          0.25 Contact Hours 


Discussion of Selected Antidepressants

Expiration Date: 08-21-2022         0.25 Contact Hours


Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors Were the First Antidepressants; Still Used Today!

Expiration Date: 08-21-2022         0.25 Contact Hours


Older Antidepressants with Unique Mechanisms of Action are Still Frequently Used!

Expiration Date: 08-21-2022         0.25 Contact Hours 


Ready to Start Behavioral Health?

Expiration Date: 08-21-2022         0.25 Contact Hours


SSRIs: Seems Like Everyone Gets Them! Let’s Cover the Differences

Expiration Date: 08-21-2022         0.25 Contact Hours


The Use of Lithium for the Treatment of Bipolar Disease

Expiration Date: 08-21-2022         0.25 Contact Hours

Switching Methods for Antidepressant Therapy

Expiration Date: 08-28-2022          0.25 Contact Hours


Complying With USP <795>, <797>, and <800> in Iowa for Technicians

Expiration: 08-30-1922                   0.1 Contact Hours


Continuing Our Journey Through Mental Health Medications

Expiration Date: 09-06-2022         0.25 Contact Hours


Atypically, We Use These TYPICAL Antipsychotics

Expiration Date: 09-17-2022         0.25 Contact Hours


Injection Technique for Diabetes Therapies for Technicians: Beyond the "How" to the "Why"

Expiration Date: 09-20-222           0.1 Contact Hours




COVID-19: Treatment Guidelines, Testing and PPE

Expiration Date: 03-26-2023          0.5 Contact Hour


COVID19: Essential Information for the Pharmacy Technician

Expiration Date: 03-29-2023        1 Contact Hour


COVID-19: An Evidence-Based Review of Treatment Guidelines

Expiration Date: 04-08-2023        0.1 Contact Hour